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Turn off that Monitor!
When you turn your computer off, also turn your monitor off. Yes, I know, "It turns itself off", bu...(more)
Wikipedia, Wiktionary bookmarklets
Do you frequently use wikipedia or wiktionary to find information? If so, drag these links to your ...(more)
Switch To Mozilla/Firefox/Opera
There are three great alternative browsers out there, the Mozilla Suit...(more)
Faster computer tip
You can make your computer run a little faster and better. To begin, open the control panel, then g...(more)
Security in web-browser
You can retool your internet security settings, among other settings by clicking Tools->Internet Opt...(more)
Faster Computer
Close un-necessary background programs, press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del(ete)] at the same time. Double-clic...(more)
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