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*Weapons of mass destruction-->
*Miserable failure-->
*French military victories-->

*Error Message: Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters and Cannot Repeat Any of Your Previous 30689 Passwords
*145674 - How Long Does it Take to Set Up Pregnancy and Child Care

Free software:

NOTE: these are all taken from my "Make Your Computer Safer, in 6 Easy Steps" page.
*AdAware, free program that removes most spyware, or other bad software that may have found it's way onto your computer.
*Zone Alarm, a free, and quality firewall. Kindof annoying that it always wants you to try/buy the pro version.
*Anti-Vir, a free, and quality anti-virus program.
*Mozilla Firefox, a free, and very good web browser. Featuers a catchall built-in pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing (you'll like it once you try and get used to it), a focus on security, and much more. See their website for more details and features.


*, a bunch of oldish games, such as pong (duh), tetris, space invaders, pac-man, and others. UPDATE!:This site seems to be down or gone for some reason!
*, an interesting, fun, addictive, and difficult volleyball-like game.
*Windows RG (Really Good), an interesting spoof of the Windows OS made in Flash, pretty funny.
*Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia, a free encyclopedia with a good # of articles, and is constantly growing as people (such as you or I) add to it.
"Windows Noises", interesting song-ish recording., a wonderful website, all about tits, tit-watching, and pictures of tits! A place for the whole family to visit. UPDATE!:This site appears to have been forgotten, and is now a scummy squatter site. It used to be the British Ornithological Society's (or something like that) website.
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