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I have been neglecting the site again... 11/14/07
I will post new calendars sometime... and the Rube contest... and an update on the Science Bowl team... and anything else that happens before then.
Gahh, I haven't updated the calendar forever! 02/11/07
I wanted to post our recent almost victory at the Super Science Bowl @ LTC. We took second place to Whitefish Bay. Not too bad for our first time in this Science Bowl. Also the MSOE Science Bowl was the previous week. We didn't make it to the second round like last year. I will post a calendar when ...(more)
Calendar update/general update 10/18/06
The October and November calendars are up. A new Rube Goldberg Machine Contest page is in the works. Science Club is going well and look for more to come in the next few weeks.
Calendar Updated 05/10/06
As foreshadowed by the last post, the calendar has now been updated. It can be viewed here.
Update on Recent and not-so-recent Items 05/01/06
First, I apologize for neglecting the calendar for the past few months. I will have one up for May soon. This weekend we participated in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. It was held at the Milwaukee Art Museum. We acquired the coveted Duct Tape Award and get to proudly display it until next years ...(more)
Official Science Bowl Results 02/10/06
Mrs. Z has resultified me and I scanned and posted them on my website. Here are pages: 1 - Pool Play 2 - Pool Play ...(more)
Science Bowl Happenings 01/28/06
The Science Bowl team this year consisted of Arik (captain), Jessica, Kandice, Jeff, and Alex (alternate). We were undefeated in the morning rounds and proceded to lose our first two rounds in the afternoon. Still, we did better than last year.
Yay! We have been It-ified! 01/12/06
Chris brought It back to us on Tuesday morning. It is working great and Jeff hasn't broken any buttons yet. Just a reminder to Rube people, we are building Saturday morning @ 8:00 in the white building.
"It" is Fixed! 01/09/06
It appears that I have finally fixed "It"! I basically installed a little toggle switch on the circuit board that can switch the amount of power going to the 4001 (NOR gates) from either two batteries (3V) or all four batteries (6V), depending on how fresh the batteries are. After a bit of testing...(more)
January Calendar/Minor Updates 01/06/06
The January calendar is done. We almost have the Rube base done, just a few hinges are in need of fastening. Several shredder designs are being worked on and should be ready to test soon. Retlich still has IT and the Science Bowl is fast approaching. Hopefully he will get it to us for practicing soo...(more)
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