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Chat about politics here, support your candidate, test your ability to persuade, etc.
Comments posted below are user-submitted, and do not necessarily reflect any opinons of my own. I am not responsible for their content.
Becky said: Some random political ramblings from my dinner table on 10/11/04
-President Bush looks like curious george's sister and dumbo had a baby. Derived from a statement made by my mom a few minutes earlier that president bush looks like a monkey

-If Sen. Kerry was a superhero he would be Botox Boy a sidekick to Hair Club for Men Man

Hope you like these I'll add more soon

chris said:
Interesting dinner table discussions.

Anyways, I'm going to change the poll right now...

chris said:
I got to see John Kerry in Sheboygan, go see my webjournal for some more info.

insane_firedancer said:
Well we're all going to die now

*grumbles profusely*
At work they told me wis. voted bush...I was very upset...thank god they are wrong, he's totally kicking ass with his 1 percent diff

*cries* Bush bad!!!

chris said:
I concur with insane_firedancer. I'm glad Kerry won Wisconsin, but am upset that Bush seems to be winning overall. Maybe they'll find some lost ballots in Iowa or Ohio, and they'll all be for Kerry. Also, I heard (from slashdot) that the exit polls indicated a 2-5% victory for Kerry in those two states?? and the actual results were a 1% or so lead for Bush. What's up with that?

nathan said:
I am totally mad that Bush was re-elected. Sorry to all you Bush fans out there, but i really wanted Kerry to win. I think Kerry would have done a lot better job with healthcare and precription drugs than Bush would have ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris said:
With reference to my last post, it was Florida and Ohio. Also, the CNN (possibly others) website showed a 3-5% Kerry win (exit-polls) in Florida at 12:20 AM, and then changed it to a ~1% victory for Bush at 1:41 AM. Considering that there were no (or VERY FEW) new exit-poll voters to gather these (significantly) differing results from.
I may upload pictures showing this, or links to where I found them originally.
(I suspect vote fraud/tampering/manipulation of the most foul kind, as do a number of other people.)

angelprincez15 said:
grrrrrrrrr! okay i'm still really upset about the election but look on the bright side I heard that because Tom Daschle got unseated Kerry has a chance to be Senate Minority leader do who knows

George Bush said:
I am not going to run in the next election, so if you want to join me we can shoot at rusty tractors and pray to GOD for some real help.

The Devil said:
When is it a good time to shoot at the tractors George?

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