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Me and McBeth on the swings. @ 830,228 bytes Me on a swing in City Park. @ 849,425 bytes Me and McBeth fighting for control over the swings. @ 77,671 bytes McBeth posing while standing on a swing. @ 73,082 bytes Me chasing a squirrel. @ 73,847 bytes
Mike from afar. @ 831,115 bytes Me chasing a squirrel up a tree. @ 72,026 bytes Can you guess what's wrong with Retlich? @ 69,185 bytes McBeth sitting on a swing. @ 866,938 bytes Hmm... what do I do to torture him before he dies for taking my picture? @ 69,396 bytes
Me and McBeth fighting for control over the swings, again. @ 77,544 bytes
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