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All content on this website is copyright by me, Christopher Retlich, in various years ranging from 1995? to 2023 (or possibly later if I haven't updated this page), except as noted below. All rights to materials copyright by me are reserved by me, unless you work some kind of formal deal out with me, and I accept.

The following exclusions apply to my site-wide copyright notices:
pictures folder:
some of the pictures are not copyright by me

User comments, as indicated by their username, or where otherwise explained to be user comments, posts, etc., and discussions in the chatroom (/chat/), and anywhere else that content is explained as being user contributed. These are all generally copyright by the submitter, and they retain the rights to the copyright (except, of course, allowing me to host/include said material on my website.)

Fortpolio (Portfolio forms)
These forms were copied from the Kiel High School, and I assume that they are in the public domain because they are works created by a government agent/body. Therefore, they aren't copyright by me, or, as far as I can tell, by anybody.

I can't think of anything else used on my site that I haven't created, but check back.

Do you want to use, "borrow", or copy anything from my website (except the aforementioned files)? If so, I'd probably be honored, but please contact me first, and clearly state what you want to use, how, where, why, how many people (estimated) are going to see it, etc. I will contact you back some kind of terms for what you want to use. If you don't hear back from me, assume you DON'T have the right to use what you requested.