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Newsletters, #19 to #10 of 19:
New Poll: Favorite Class! 11/06/04 ~1139 bytes
What is your favorite class/subject?: Comp. Sci. English-reading English-writing English-both Food Geography Gym History Lunch Math Science-biology Science-chemistry Science-physics Scinece-most/all Shop/Tech Ed. Social...(more)
GO VOTE! 11/02/04 ~714 bytes
This is just a quick reminder to go vote (if you are old enough). Just bring 2 forms of ID, (i.e. driver's license) with you to your local polling place. Speaking of voting, you can still vote on my website until sometime on election day or maybe until Wednesday/Thursday; whenever I get aroun...(more)
New Poll 10/17/04 ~814 bytes
This is just a quick heads-up that there is a new poll on my website; Who would/will you vote for?: George Bush John Kerry Ralph Nader Other Just login: Then visit a pag...(more)
New Feature-Trivia! 10/03/04 ~925 bytes
Thanks to Moose, I now have a trivia page. So far, there are 10 Comic Book questions, and 5 The Simpsons questions. Other categories include (Comic Book) Movies, Science and Technology, and Miscellaneous. We plan to add more questions in the future, and probably add a few more categories. If you...(more)
Picture Caption Contest Reminder 09/23/04 ~902 bytes
Please remember, there is a contest going on for my picture gallery. Create the best (funniest, for example) caption for a picture, submit it using the links provided, and you might win. I haven't completely decided on a prize, but if you have any ideas, contact me. Also, if I don't get enough en...(more)
New Poll! 09/21/04 ~1075 bytes
There is a new poll on my website: What is your favorite class/subject? Comp. Sci. English-reading English-writing English-both Food Geography Gym History Lunch Math Science-biology Science-chemistry Science-physics Scinece-m...(more)
Official S90602692 Newsletter! 09/01/04 ~3116 bytes
Well, it's been a long time since the last newsletter, and therefore, there is much to cover in this one. One new feature on my website is the webjournal page. You can view my journal entries, and also login and add to your webjournal, if you want, and tell your friends about your webjournal,...(more)
Long time, no newsletter: 07/18/04 ~1261 bytes
I am desperately looking for any unused DewU and BillionSweeps codes. If you have any extra codes, or aren't going to be using any of the ones you have, I would really appreciate it if you could send me the codes. Please tell all of your soda-drinking friends about this webpage so they can help me...(more)
Graduation Invitation and New Poll... 06/08/04 ~701 bytes
I am inviting all newsletter subscribers to my graduation party. It will be held on Saturday the 12th, and will start at 5:00PM. Parents are invited to come, and there will be plenty of food and fun. Directions and more information are on my website:...(more)
New Poll!! 05/03/04 ~785 bytes
I've just added a new poll to my website, so go ahead and vote! The poll is: What is your favorite #? 2.71828 (e) 3.14159 (pi) 6.02E23 (Avogadro's constant) 42 (The answer to life, the Universe, and everything) Infinity Other Main page:...(more)
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