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Welcome to the user-driven movie rating and news thing. This seems ready enough to be released from beta mode! (cheers all around)

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Night at the Museum ~800 bytes on 1/2/07 with 4.3 stars, review by chris
This movie is about a guy who gets a job as the night watchman for the Museum of Natural History in New York. He doesn't initially realize that everything in the museum comes to life at night. The movie covers his first few nights as watchman at the museum. The title should really be Nights at th...(more)
Johnny Dangerously ~404 bytes on 10/9/06 with 5.0 stars, review by chris
Well, this old movie is pretty good. It is a gangster comedy where telling the story of Johnny who raises up to be the head gangster. And tells the story of the war between his gang and a competing gang. As I was only half watching this movie, I don't recall everything that happened, but what I d...(more)
Land Of The Dead ~688 bytes on 11/22/05 with 3.5 stars, review by nealgrosskopf
This movie is the 4th in a series of zombie movies by George Romero. Unfortunately this is his first in 20 plus years. I know for sure that his first two movies have been remade and are really good (night of the living dead, and dawn of the dead) I think the remake of dawn of the dead is the best so...(more)
Office Space ~670 bytes on 11/10/05 with ?? stars, review by chris
This movie is about a bunch of office workers (programmers specifically) who get fed up with their cruddy jobs, malfunctioning office equipment, and annoying bosses. They end up devising a scheme to rip off their employer by taking the extra fraction of a cent from every interest calculation by rou...(more)
Dodgeball ~739 bytes on 8/8/05 with 3.14 stars, review by chris
Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story is about Joe's Gym, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Their competitor, a large, wealthy gym buys them out, but offers the gym back if they can make $50k in 30 days. The "losers" find out about a national dodgeball competition, and enter it. As all movies of th...(more)
Fantastic Four ~956 bytes on 7/13/05 with 4.5 stars, review by moose
The other day, I happened to have a day off, so instead of doing something constructive, I went to go and see the Fantastic Four. The plot of the movie is kind of basic. Reed Richards is out of money, but wants to go into space to observe this radioactive cloud thing-a-ma-jig. So he goes to his r...(more)
Batman Begins ~705 bytes on 6/19/05 with 4.5 stars, review by moose
Well, I thought that I should be the one to write the movie review for this movie, because I am the self-proclaimed comic book buff. So here it is. The movie did what all of the other batmans did, in reviewing the origin, however this one went into much greater detail. It showed a young Bruce pla...(more)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith ~544 bytes on 6/14/05 with 3.5 stars, review by moose
Well, this past weekend I went to go and see Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Sheboygan with Joe, Kandice, John, and Chippy. But that doesn't really matter. The movie started out boring, and then about 30 minutes later, FINALLY got exciting. But though the action finally started, it wasn't the best. From b...(more)
Revenge of the Sith ~712 bytes on 5/20/05 with 4.8 stars, review by chris
Revenge of the Sith fills in the gap between Star Wars Episodes 2 and 4. In this movie, we see the origins of Darth Vader, and why he wears his mask, and why he turned to the dark side. The movie also includes some other important scenes, and of course, a few light-saber battles. Also, Jar-Jar Bi...(more)

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