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Review of movie Fantastic Four on 7/13/05 by moose:
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The other day, I happened to have a day off, so instead of doing something constructive, I went to go and see the Fantastic Four. The plot of the movie is kind of basic. Reed Richards is out of money, but wants to go into space to observe this radioactive cloud thing-a-ma-jig. So he goes to his rival to get money. Long story short, his rival, his ex, his ex's brother, and his best friend go into space and get zapped by the cloud. They all get powers, some cooler than others (that was a sad attemt at a joke about the Human Torch). Immedietly, they start to use the powers for good and become the fantastic four. Like I said, the plot was a little basic, but it was made up for in the process of jokes that were at the expence of the Thing. Overall, I would give the fantastic four an 8 out of 10. If you are a die-hard fan of comic books, like me, go and see this movie. If not, just wait a little while longer for it to come out onto video.
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