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Review of movie Dodgeball on 8/8/05 by chris:
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Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story is about Joe's Gym, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Their competitor, a large, wealthy gym buys them out, but offers the gym back if they can make $50k in 30 days. The "losers" find out about a national dodgeball competition, and enter it. As all movies of this sort, they start out winning by chance and technicalities, and end up, with the help of a coach, becoming better players. The cliffhanger is, of course, who wins, and what happens afterwards. There are a number of decent jokes, which are about all this movie has for it. The plot is fairly cookie-cutter, but some of the gags are pretty decent. Overall, I would say this movie is good to rent, but I wouldn't die if I didn't see it.
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