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Tip #4; "Faster computer tip":
You can make your computer run a little faster and better. To begin, open the control panel, then go to the system item (Start->Settings->Control Panel, open System.) Click on the "Performance" tab, then click on virtual memory. If it is set on "Let Windows manage my virtual memory settings (Recomended)", you can change it to "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings." Now enter a relatively high number, consider your computer's hard drive size, and how much ram you already have. Also consider your Windows version. I have mine set on 384MB so that with the physical 128MB I have a nice even total of 512 (2^9). Then, when you set this, click ok on everything, and then run disk defragmenter (Windows key+r, defrag, [enter].) These steps then create a file on your hard drive that holds virtual ram. Defragmenting speeds the virtual ram up, as well as anything else you try to do. Of course, defragmenting can/will take a very long time, so plan to do this overnight if possible. As for the amount of virtual ram you should have, a general guideline is: the more HD space you have, the less ram you have, the newer the operating system you have, and the more "ram" you want to have all increase this number. Or just take a good number like 512 and subtract how much ram you have.

I hold no liability of any kind for any damage(s) that may arise from attempting any of the above activities.

Next tip expected to be added on Sat, Nov 15th.

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