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Science Club website updated for user system 03/06/04, ~646 bytes
The Science Club website has just been updated for the new user system. Now, you can log in on either website, and then when you switch to the other, you are still logged in. Also, you don't need to log out when you are done visiting my site, you can then come back later...(more)
New user system 03/06/04, ~611 bytes
I have just finished many major changes necessary to get the new user system up and working. You now can create an account with this. An account is now necessary to vote in the poll (look to the left), and will aid in other user-related necessities. When you post co...(more)
Pennies for Patients update 03/06/04, ~515 bytes
Our class has amassed a large amount of money for Pennies for Patients. Our goal of $115.00 was more than quadrupled. Our class total, thanks to numerous large contributions, is $608.69 (subject to verification), and that comes to a total of $26.4647826087... per student. With a pending donation...(more)
More "Ads" available! 02/27/04, ~417 bytes
I have just added two more ads on my website. One for the soon-to-come Homework Helpline, and one for the recently-updated Computer Tip of the Week page. As I add other features/updates on my website, I'll create an "ad" for said features/updates. Al...(more)
Last Day for Pennies For Patients! 02/26/04, ~489 bytes
Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last day for the Pennies For Patients drive. Our class seems to be in the lead, although unconfirmed. We have $XX.XX per student for a total of $XXX.XX. Sorry, but I'm withholding these numbers because I'm not certain what they are, and to prevent motivating other cl...(more)
New design to come? 02/25/04, ~373 bytes
I am currently working on, and testing a new website design. A sample can be seen here. This is not guaranteed to become the new design, if I even change it, but is a good indication of what I might do. (Note: this new design-making comes after numerous complaints by...(more)
Minor Bug Fixes, etc. 02/19/04, ~1491 bytes
Well, I have fixed a number of bugs and errors within the last week or so. The main page used to display "news, items #X to #X of X:" and the first two X's were supposed to be 9 apart, not ten. Also, the second X was erroneously assigned a # 10 less than the last X. Also fixed were many minor bug...(more)
Winter Sports Spotlight next week 02/13/04, ~452 bytes
Next week is the ever-famous Winter Sports Spotlight week. The dress-up competitions, as far as I know, are as follows: Monday: Crazy day Tuesday: Winter clothing day Wednesday: Rival day (Seniors wear black & orange, teachers green & yellow) Thursday: Hawaiian day Frid...(more)
Poll feature added. 02/10/04, ~250 bytes
I have just updated my website so that it includes a poll feature. So please vote, but also please only vote once. Also, if you have any ideas for a poll, you can send them to me using This.
Plans for improvement. 02/09/04, ~997 bytes
I hope to improve my website in a number of ways. First off, I'd like to add a poll feature that would integrate into the menu on the left of my website. I also might add a "user/member" feature to improve the accuracy of said poll feature, and decrease the likelihood of "ballot stuffing." Also,...(more)
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