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Listed in Google, and other news. 02/09/04, ~1171 bytes
Well, as mentioned before, I was listed in Google, but now this site is also listed in Google. Try it here. In other news, I've added an "ad", which currently reccomends the idea of submitting news ideas, so if you have a...(more)
Science Club Website has news! 01/31/04, ~295 bytes
The Science Club Website finally has news on it! Go there and see for yourself. I basically copied the news page from here to the science club folder, and after minutes of tweaking, managed to get everything to work right.
Science Club Moved! 01/30/04, ~340 bytes
This week's Science Club meeting has been moved to Thursday instead of being on Monday. Please make sure you attend! Also, quiz bowl practice should also be on Thursday morning, please attend if you're on the team. And finally, the science quiz bowl competition is on Saturday, and you should be a...(more)
Last day of semester 1, and Mr. P's last day. 01/24/04, ~601 bytes
Well, today was the last day of semester 1, and unless you're in AP Calc. or study hall, it's also the last day of all of your classes. Well, its great to be done with all of those semester exams, weren't they fun?! Also, today is Mr. Popelka's last day teaching Spanish at Kiel HS. After 39 y...(more)
Mr./Sr. Popelka Farewell Meal 01/23/04, ~440 bytes
Today the spanish 3/4 class enjoyed an 80 minute meal at El Camino restaurant. We enjoyed various food; tacos, sopas, fried helados (ice cream), etc., and had fun trying to order in Spanish. The food was very good. Also, balloons and cards were given to the retiring Spanish teacher, along with a...(more)
New Newsletter Feature! 01/22/04, ~502 bytes
Now I have a newsletter feature, in case you ever want a newsletter from me, I can now send them. Just click on the link to the left, or click below. I haven't set any schedule, nor have any ideas for a newsletter yet, but eventually, I'll send some newsletters. Also, I have to make a remove feat...(more)
Spanish Club: El Camino & Quiz Bowl practice cancelled 01/21/04, ~559 bytes
Spanish Club's El Camino venture proved delicious. The food was muy bueno, and the chips proved steal-worthy, as some unidentified participant felt it necessary to take some nachos and salsa home with her. In all, 7 attended, including Me, Mr. Popelka, Mrs. Nickelsen, Mrs. Santana, Mike, Becky, an...(more)
I've been listed in google! 01/21/04, ~829 bytes
I FINALLY have been listed in google, but so far, only my other site ( is far. Well, now I'm really excited and hope that soon it'll find this site, which is currently my main priority over my other site. Also, now instead of remembering to go to s90602692.onlinehome...(more)
Welcome!--FIRST NEWS ITEM (finally) 01/18/04, ~711 bytes
This is a the first news item on my main page. It's been a long time since I've done any public changes to my website. Hopefully I will add other features to my main page, such as polls, comment posting, etc. Also, I'll keep debugging this page as things go along, and make sure everything works c...(more)
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