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insane_firedancer's Journal Entries, #5 to #1 of 5:
Belated V-Day 02/19/05 ~1985 bytes
Well, the real V-day pretty much sucked. I worked all day at Target....MAN you should have seen how many guys were rushing in an hour before close, going to the jewlery boat to get jewlery for their significant others. Losers. Other than work, Chris got his car broken into. They stole his stereo...(more)
*sigh* 01/30/05 ~361 bytes
life is depressing sometimes... friend sends out e-mail..."save my friends cat, she's moving, parents don't want it pound will put it to sleep on sunday." Call, say "I will save cat" turns out, the @ssholes at the pound euthanized her early. She was alr...(more)
Merry Christmas 12/27/04 ~389 bytes
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I now note that I am typing this message from my new computer. New as in, Chris/Dio built it for me for christmas. Amoung related gifts I also recieved a computer desk and the sims 2. YAY. So. Beth is very happy i...(more)
Turducken! 11/20/04 ~1146 bytes
Turducken: A chicken cooked in a duck, cooked in a turkey. Ya learn something new every day. ANYWAY. Since on the real thanksgiving withour families and what not, my roomates and I had our own mini-thanksgiving yesterday. Well....not really mini-we had all the food. And now we have all th...(more)
another webjournal!!!!! MUA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 09/15/04 ~728 bytes
ANYWAY Hi! Its me Beth! wohoo. This is my journal... um... I am doing alright. I have a job. *looks at watch* which I must soon go to. And will be starting classes in the spring (when they can no longer charge me out of state fees) OO! yesterday I got a cell phone... ooooo shiny.... Its...(more)

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