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chris's journal entry #128; "New Laptop!" on 2010-02-25:
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So a few weeks ago I found a good deal on a laptop, and bought it. Note, however, that I found the deal BEFORE it was posted on that website. In any case, it arrived a few weeks ago and I've been using it since. It's really nice, especially compared to my old laptop (which I'm still using intermittently as I transfer stuff over to the new one). Still haven't gotten my email archives and settings transferred over. I'm thinking of switching from Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird at the same time, especially thanks to the webmail plugin so that I can still access my overly neglected Hotmail and Yahoo! accounts. The new laptop is also really nice for playing games on, which I've been doing a lot of lately as a result. I had purchased the Orange Box (Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2) and played through HL2, and Portal on my old laptop. I had to play at all lowest settings for graphics, and it still was jittery at times. On my new laptop, I have every setting nearly maxed out, and it rarely slows down at all (or at least, not enough to really notice it). I can also now watch YouTube videos without it being all jittery and jumpy (I blame the Flash player's crappy software rendering), and also have an HDMI out port, and eSATA port, which I haven't been able to use yet (nothing with eSATA on it). Also, I now have 2-3 hours of battery live vs. about 8-10 minutes on my old laptop.
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