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chris's Journal Entries, #129 to #120 of 129:
Still alive 05/23/17 ~508 bytes
Despite the appearances of my website, I'm still alive. I've also upgraded to an SSL certificate a while ago, so you can access my website via I've also started using letsencrypt on some of my cheap VPSes, so for example, my...(more)
New Laptop! 02/25/10 ~1557 bytes
So a few weeks ago I found a good deal on a laptop, and bought it. Note, however, that I found the deal BEFORE it was posted on that website. In any case, it arrived a few weeks ago and I've been using it since. It's...(more)
Still Alive! 12/21/09 ~1597 bytes
It's been forever since I've posted anything on my website. If I think of anything important that I haven't posted on here since my last post, I'll try to add it sometime. Otherwise, starting with this post to get me going, I'll attempt to post more frequently from now on. Below is a random sampl...(more)
I Are an Uncle! 05/02/09 ~664 bytes
Well, my brother Jason and his wife Jen had a baby today*. It's a boy, and he's named Gunnar Christopher Retlich. He weighed in around 6 lbs 6 oz, and at 20 inches. I took off of most of the day of work, but it was worth it to spend some time with the family, see my new nephew, and take a bunch o...(more)
Random Crap #4 Results 04/10/09 ~715 bytes
The Random Crap which was described previously has arrived. It contained the following items: 1x "Bright red" bucket 2x "Yay! it's broccoli!" shirts (size: L) 1x ?defunct? 7" digital picture frame 1x lava lamp...(more)
April Fools Prank 04/01/09 ~1274 bytes
When I arrived at work today, I wandered through the Laun Center on my way to my office building. I happened to meet two of my friends in the bookstore; Ramsay and Staci. After talking to them for a little bit, I continued on my way, with Ramsay tagging along (which he sometimes does). As I arrived...(more)
Random Crap #4 04/01/09 ~1363 bytes
As part of the usual April Fools day proceedings at, today they offered the "Random Crap" again at midnight. This year, the trick was that you automatically get 3x (at one dollar each) Random Craps, but the shipping was set to $1,000,000 instead of the usual $5. Embedded within the item des...(more)
Re-Accreditation Completed Successfully 03/15/09 ~598 bytes
About two weeks ago, Lakeland went through the re-accreditation process, as needed to continue to operate. Fortunately, Lakeland achieved a 10-year renewal - the maximum renewal period possible. In the time leading up to the two-day (Monday/Tuesday, and Wednesday morning) re-accreditation process,...(more)
Bandolier of Carrots #3 Opened! 01/06/09 ~1993 bytes
As you may have read in the previous webjournal post, I had scored the Christmas "Stocking of Crap" (normally "Random Crap"). I also ordered the "Random Shirt" on the same day. Both packages have arrived, and pictures are below. I also took a...(more)
Random Crap #3 12/25/08 ~2640 bytes
It would appear that I have once again scored a "Random Crap". This time, it is the Christmas Random Crap, which, this time, is set up with a quantity limit of 1, but is actually 3 Random Craps - so still $8.00, but automagically 3 craps. I'm sensing a pattern, as I missed the last Random Crap b...(more)
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