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chris's journal entry #124; "April Fools Prank" on 04/01/09:
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When I arrived at work today, I wandered through the Laun Center on my way to my office building. I happened to meet two of my friends in the bookstore; Ramsay and Staci. After talking to them for a little bit, I continued on my way, with Ramsay tagging along (which he sometimes does). As I arrived at WAK, he wandered off, and I went on my way up to my floor of the building. When I got up there, I put my lunch away, hung my jacket up, and was on my way to the bathroom when I noticed Ramsay opening the door. At about the same time, a co-worker asked me if I had seen my cubicle yet. I wound up then turning around and going back to look at what was up. As I walk around the corner, I find out that large portions of my cubicle have been covered with bright pink paper. My chair was nice and pink with a pink unicorn on it, (making reference to the Invisible Pink Unicorn), my cabinets were covered with pink, my monitor was sporting a wonderful pink border, my mousepad was pink, etc. As I later found out throughout the day, Ramsay, Jess, and Staci were responsible for finding their way up there the night before and pulling off this nice April Fools prank on me. Pictures coming soon...
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