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chris's journal entry #123; "Random Crap #4" on 03/31/09:
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As part of the usual April Fools day proceedings at, today they offered the "Random Crap" again at midnight. This year, the trick was that you automatically get 3x (at one dollar each) Random Craps, but the shipping was set to $1,000,000 instead of the usual $5. Embedded within the item description, they had three phony discount codes, one, for example, "GABBAGABBA" set the shipping fee to a measly $100,000. I scanned over the page and found this bogus discount code and proceeded to place my order. After confirming the order, I finally noticed that the discount was for the wrong amount. Fortunately, any orders that used the wrong discount code ended up not actually being placed. Back to the homepage I go (which I still had open in another tab) to search for the real discount code. The real code was hidden in a bit of a riddle - mentioning something that hates salt, and is slow. Thus the $999,995.00 discount code was "SNAIL". I started a new order, and managed to get it through with the real discount code. The Random Crap sold out in ~22 minutes, as they had 1500 available for sale, whereas it usually sells out in 3-8 minutes when offered normally without the coupon code trickery. My friend, Al, managed to finally land a Random Crap after a number of failed attempts, thanks in part to me telling him the discount code.
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