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New Homepage 05/02/09, ~723 bytes
I finally broke down and cleaned up my homepage, while making it more consistent with the rest of my site. I've pared it down to just the latest three blog entries, the latest message board post, and the latest three site news entries. I've also removed the cheesy graphics that used to represent the...(more)
Valid RSS 04/14/09, ~772 bytes
After noticing that my FaceBook profile was no longer importing notes from the RSS feed for my blog/webjournal, I decided to figure out what happened. I thought that the likely culprit was malformatted RSS, and the W3 RSS validator confirme...(more)
ATTN: ALL VISITORS: the "" domain will no longer be available starting on April 7, 2008. Please update all links and bookmarks to the new URL at Thank you. launches new website! 04/02/07, ~730 bytes, the leader in Internet website-ing, has moved its website to a much more memorable domain name. This move from the former difficult-to-remember URL of to...(more)
New Wiki 03/30/07, ~489 bytes
Well, a few days ago, I put up a wiki on my website in response to Neal's suggestion to do so. It currently is locked down pretty good so that only registered users may add/edit articles. Not the greatest thing so far, but not terribly bad either. It...(more)
Pictures Uploaded 02/07/07, ~613 bytes
I have just recently, and am gradually continuing to upload some new pictures to my website. They can be viewed in the Random and Unsorted pictures page. You can see a rainbow over Lakeland, cheap cheap gas (from just a few months ago), me on Easy Street (p...(more) 09/30/06, ~640 bytes
Okay, so now I have signed up for the "1&1 Beginner Linux Hosting" package, which includes a free domain name, and should cost ~28$/year for everything. It appears that I didn't lose any files in the transition, which is good. The 404 error handler, and the www.->no www. auto-redirect still wo...(more)
Website Name Contest! [updated] 09/02/06, ~1647 bytes
Well, since it is now September 1st, I have decided to start a month-long website naming contest. A special is going on from my hosting provider (1&1 for 25% off, and it expires on September 30th, so I thought it would be a good idea to buy...(more)
Comment Spam Filtering 08/03/06, ~1119 bytes
Well, as you may or may not already know, I've become the victim from some minor comment spamming on some of my old testing pages (which nobody uses anyways), as well as on my message board. To combat the spam, I initially filtered out all HTML c...(more)
Finally! (JBImage) 06/06/06, ~307 bytes
Finally, after a month of sitting on my butt, I have uploaded the newest version of the JuiceBox image converter program (v 0.96.00) to my website. It features the much-desired batch conversion capability. Its information page can be viewed here.
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