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News item #122; "New Homepage" on 05/02/09:
I finally broke down and cleaned up my homepage, while making it more consistent with the rest of my site. I've pared it down to just the latest three blog entries, the latest message board post, and the latest three site news entries. I've also removed the cheesy graphics that used to represent the various parts of the homepage, and also applied the "Science Club" template to my site as the default (it had previously been set to "Spring"). This is a pretty good stop-gap measure until I ever manage to finish the dev site, at which point I'll go live with that site, entirely dumping the current mishmash of poorly-coded, self-taught pages that it currently is.
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nealgrosskopf said:
Yay, something changed on your site! I see your copyright date still says 2007 :P. Anywho I was watching the Colbert Report and they used the verb 'to bork' which made me think of you since you used that a lot. Lo and behold its a real word -

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