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News item #115; "Website Name Contest! [updated]" on 09/01/06:
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Well, since it is now September 1st, I have decided to start a month-long website naming contest. A special is going on from my hosting provider (1&1 for 25% off, and it expires on September 30th, so I thought it would be a good idea to buy into a paid hosting plan since my free one is going to expire this November sometime. Submissions must be made in email, or through my contact form. In either case, I may offer a prize (undecided) for the winner, so some kind of way for me to contact you would be appreciated. Submissions must be a domain name, e.g. or (you could be clever and use the .com or .us as part of the name like I am looking for something fairly short, and easy to remember. Well, I'll provide some updates here if and when anything interesting happens.

Update (9/4/2006):

Okay, it appears that I can only register a .com .net .org or .info website for free. Excellent suggestions for .us .name .biz .cc .tv or .ws can be accepted, but won't probably be used as they'll cost extra to register.

Update (9/8/2006):

Okay, I think the prize for the winning submission could be a sub-domain of your choosing on my site with some content of your choosing or a redirect to a webpage of your choice. This offer isn't set in stone, as I don't have the details worked out yet, but it might be what I'll offer to the winner (should they want to receive this prize).

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