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moose's Journal Entries, #5 to #1 of 5:
Give me money 01/18/05 ~752 bytes
Been a while since I have had a chance to add an entry to my journal. I guess crashing you car has that weired effect on people's schedules. I don't know how many of you reading this know, but a couple weeks ago we got some really bad freezing rain on saturday night. Sunday morning I was on the w...(more)
Bad News 10/12/04 ~313 bytes
I don't know how many of you have heard, but one of my heros passed away this past weekend. Christopher Reeve passed away in his home late Sunday afternoon, due to heart failure because of medication he was taking. He was most famous for his portrail of Superman in all three films. He will be mis...(more)
I saw a new movie 10/07/04 ~354 bytes
Imagine that huh? Me, moose, seeing a movie! Shocker huh? Anyway, I went to go and see Shark Tale with my sister, and step-sister. It was okay, let me say this, if you've seen the pre-views, you've seen most of the good parts. Fairly predictable throughout, right down to the very disney ending....(more)
it's true 10/01/04 ~317 bytes
yeah, i did have a journal entry, but now i have two of them(strong bad reference). anyway, yes i will be helping chris with the trivia, because it was my idea. I will be handleing video game movie, and comic book trivia, and maybe even comic book movies. who knows. that's about it. Peace out...(more)
I finally checked out this sight 09/28/04 ~470 bytes
Well, i decided that enough was enough, and finally gave into chris' begging for me to go to his web site. Happy? Well, not much is new here, i'm going to ltc, and am currently takeing credits for their pharmacy tech. program. I have recently decided however that i will be switching majors and...(more)

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