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angelprincez15's Journal Entries, #3 to #1 of 3:
No, I am not dead 04/02/05 ~625 bytes
Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I've been really busy with school and other school related things. Right now I'm tutoring for a lit class at school (yes I do get paid for it). Soon I will be helping one of my friends with costumes for an upcomping production at school and I will hopefull...(more)
Really Awesome Radio 12/07/04 ~467 bytes
So tonight shortly before begining my last mountain of homework(until January) I was scanning my iTunes for a halfway decent internet radio stream. I stumbled upon WMSE a radio station broadcast from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I can even begin to describe how kick ass it so you'll have t...(more)
Finally 11/08/04 ~88 bytes
Okay so I'm making my first journal entry. Happy now Chris? More to come.

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