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News item #111; "Site Backup" on 03/16/06:
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Tonight, I made a backup of my website, onto my new laptop. The main code and files for my website amount to 11,615,709 bytes, not counting the many files in the /pictures/ folder. All of the user account information, server logs for the last year, the numerous webpages, the /news_files/ directory (KHS portfolio forms), news articles, journal entries, computer programs (/CSU/) and many of the random sitewide graphics, all have been backed up. I also have ~51 MB of pictures in the pictures folder. So, all together, my website comprises about 62-63 megabytes of files and data.

Here is a partial breakdown:

  • /CSU/ - 1.45MB
  • webjournal data (all users) - 54.8KB
  • site news - 70.0KB
  • polls (display page & data) - 20.3KB
  • /pub/ folder - 282KB
  • /science_club/ - 4.10MB
  • user account info - 2.81KB
  • root directory only (some admin stuff, many PHP includes, many pages) - 397KB
  • index.php (home page, account set up, login, other) - 15.7KB

According to my website's control panel, I have used 69.57 MB of my allowed 500.00 MB in a grand total of 2,137 files

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