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News item #109; "Webserver Development" on 12/15/05:
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I have been working on my webserver today a bit, and it now supports many more MIME types, supports two methods of custom MIME types, fixes the "load the last file someone else received" bug, and allows a number of configuration options (wwwroot path, server port number, etc). This new version isn't available on my site yet, but the older one still is. Future versions will hopefully include some sort of configuration program/installer, a minimize-to-taskbar option, multi-tasking/multiple simultaneous requests, and more RFC/HTTP (1.0/1.1)/standards compliance. I may add FTP support (unlikely), some kind of scripting support (likely very primitive), and general speed improvements. Documentation will probably be made at some point as well.
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nealgrosskopf said:
its only a matter of time before you've reinvented windows server 2003
chris said:
Shudders: windows server 2003... everyone knows Apache is better. Anyways, I am only planning on a simple, lightweight, server, not some all-encompassing, bloated monstrosity, just some easy-to-configure, over-hyphenated, ~200KB webserver.
chris retlich said:
Another Update: Now my server supports speed limiting, for example, to simulate dial-up speeds, and also displays the transfer speed on each connection. Also, files are transferred in smaller chunks, not all at once (which both allows for progressive JPGs/GIFs to actually display as they are downloaded, and also prevents the server from choking/locking up on large (several MB) files).

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